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Lakkhichhara and Sonar Bangla Circus enthralled the audience at Princeton Club

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Kolkata, the quintessential cultural capital of India where music is the soul of the city, is known for patronizing the movement of music. Be it Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Indi pop or ethnic – the city always embraces all genres of music originating in other countries. Princeton Club has brought epaar bangla and opaar bangla closer transcending the borders of two countries with mesmerizing performances from   Sonar Bangla Circus from Bangladesh and Lakkhichhara from Kolkata.  And this live performance was one of the events under Jamsteady. The sultry evening with a whiff of fresh drizzles as a welcome relief this summer,  witnessed a crowd grooving to catchy tunes by Lakkhichhara. Bangladeshi band Sonar Bangla Circus stole hearts with their live performance at the Princeton Club and belted out popular numbers like Mrittu Utpadon Karkhana, Amar Naam Oshukh, Ondho Deyal, Epitaph and many more. Sanjay Karmakar, Manager, of Operations, at Princeton Club, stated that it patronises music of all genres. Jamstedy, a collaboration of Princeton Club and Smoke Inc, started off as a weekly live original musical event, Over the last decade, it has assumed the centre stage for live gigs, rock bands and other genres of musical movement in Kolkata. They have hosted over 200 such live musical soirees here as part of the property and the live performance by Lakkhichhara and Sonar Bangla Circus is an extension of this property. They pledge to entertain the music-loving discerning audience who throng to Princeton Club with the hope of listening to gigs and live music in the years to come. Jamsteady was launched at Princeton Club in 2012 as it was already known for the live music scene in Kolkata. The club, the team and the environment were perfect to host live original music evenings. According to Debaditya Chaudhury - Keyboardist (Lakkhichhara), it was really a great experience performing at Princeton Club in front of such an energetic crowd. They thought of performing for an hour but as per the audience's request, they couldn’t stop playing and performed for one and half hours. Some of the songs that they played were Jibone Chaiche Aro Beshi, Kemon Acho Sohor, and Meghallar along with four new songs which will be released shortly.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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