Livinguard Technology Proven to Kill more than 99% of Covid Delta Variant

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Livinguard, the Swiss-based international leader in sustainable self-disinfecting hygiene technology, announced that its technology has been proven to kill the delta variant of COVID-19. Tests carried out by the renowned IRSHA institute showed that the inner and outer layers of masks[1] supercharged with Livinguard technology have an average >99% effectiveness with no recovery of viable viruses against the delta variant of SARS COV-2. Livinguard also announced that the effectiveness of its technology could be applied to other kinds of substrates. Such capabilities come as a unique opportunity for many industries, such as airlines, apparel companies, hospitality, healthcare, logistics or transportation. The technology offers an opportunity to help these industries responsibly open their services with an additional layer of protection for their customers and workforce. These results come as positive news for the many geographies still battling with a Delta variant outbreak, and who will be able to rely on Livinguard facemasks’ capabilities for their population’s

health and safety. It is expected that children, who have been particularly exposed to the delta variant, will benefit the most from this breakthrough. The confirmation of Livinguard technology’s effectiveness against the delta variant also comes in the context of an expected rebound of the COVID pandemic in the winter season. Speaking about the positive results received, Sanjeev Swamy, Livinguard CEO, said that the news of their technology’s effectiveness against Delta is another evidence that Livinguard technology is future-proof and will emerge from the COVID pandemic as the hygiene technology of choice for sustainable self-disinfection moving forward. As consumers continue to resort to masks for specific situations, they expect Livinguard masks to become consumers’ preferred, sustainable, self-disinfecting facemask.

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Report : Anustup Kundu