Upgrade Regular Shower Routine doing Good for the Planet with Love Beauty and Planet

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A sustainable body and hair care brand which is vegan and cruelty-free. Introducing Love Beauty and Planet – a brand that creates shampoo, conditioners, body washes and lotions for a wide variety of skin and hair concerns. The conditioners are developed with a fast-rinse technology which reduces the water usage and is encased in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. Love Beauty and Planet started with one goal - to make one more beautiful and give a little love to the planet. The brand hosted the launch event with a lot of love and support from the influencer, beauty, lifestyle and sustainable community. It was a zero-waste event with a minimum carbon footprint, where all the décor was recycled and up-cycled. Sandeep Kohli, Executive Director of Beauty & Personal Care at HUL said that Love Beauty & Planet is designed with consumers and planet at its heart. Indian consumers are seeking natural products free from Silicones & Parabens for their care without harming the planet in the process. They intend to inspire a movement of #smallactsoflove by everyday changemakers to create more beauty in the planet and champion the cause of Plastic Reduction. They have signed up for using Bottles made from 100% recycled Plastic and also fully recyclable. They believe in empowering consumers with the power to make these choices that impact the Planet positively

while offering Naturally derived Peta accredited Personal care range. The Price Range for this new Love Beauty and Planet is Shampoos – INR 600, Conditioners – INR 650, Lotions – INR 500, Bodywashes – INR 450.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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