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Aakash Aath Presents 'Maa Ekadashir Bratakotha'


News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the popular Bengali General Entertainment Channels Aakash Aath has launched 'Maa Ekadashir Bratakotha' as the fifth story to be presented in 'Meyeder Bratakotha', the renowned series which majorly tells the tales of faith and devotion. In the Hindu Mythology 'Maa Ekadashi' stands as the divine figure for Unity, Virtue and Peace. It is stated that a true devotee of 'Maa Ekadashi' will bear indefinite zeal to transcend all boundaries and live in pure calmness and maintain harmony. 'Maa Ekadashir Bratakotha' highlights the auspiciousness of 'Maa Ekadashi' and the strength that lies in the beliefs and rituals associated with her worship. The narrative begins at the period when the country was undergoing a turbulent phase. The domination of the British Empire caused a havoc change in socioeconomic norms and culture which in turn gave birth to several misconceptions and unreasonable values imposed by the Priests on the common people. Amongst such rules was a restriction on worshipping 'Maa Ekadashi' by young and unmarried girls. It is during this phase of uncertainty that a

young ordinary girl by virtue of her courage decides to challenge such prejudiced notions and worship 'Maa Ekadashi'. The whole story will reveal her journey, the hurdles she conquered and how she turns to be victorious in safeguarding the right to hold faith and devotion as per one's choice. The show stars actors Pinky Banerjee as 'Sashibala', Deepshikha Kar as 'Padmavati', Sharmistha Bhattacharya as 'Maa Ekadashi, Samriddha Pal as 'Rakhal' and Rupam Singh as 'Virajkrishna'. Priyanka Surana Bardia, Director, Aakash Aath stated that they are happy to share such rich and acknowledging subjects with the young generation as it is equally important for them to get educated. They hope that their audience will be able to connect with the recently released story of Maa Ekadashir Brata. 'Maa Ekadashir Bratakotha' is directed by Suman Roy and the script has been written by Moumita Kar Gupta. 'Maa Ekadashir Bratakotha' is telecast in Aakash Aath, every Monday to Saturday from 6:30 pm.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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