Puja Song - Bondhuya Re by Mahua Banerjee released

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Durga Puja is nearby. Almost every year, excitement regarding the Puja is created among Bengalees. But this year, both the Corona Pandemic and Amphan disaster, have portrayed the life in dismal tune of disappointment and desolation. But, Bangalees, the ever-victorious people, are again welcoming Goddess Durga with music, with melody, with love cause Bengalees can't think of Durga Puja without new Bengali Songs that most of the time create more excitement among all. Keeping this in mind, Musica Creation Audio Level has released a new Bengali puja-song, Bondhuya Re, sung by Mahua Banerjee. In this worldwide exigency, only music can soothe and give a slight relief to the world and also can provide immense peace and tranquillity and Mahua Banerjee had  taken  this  endeavour  to  prosper  Bengali songs, even amidst

this pandemic. The song Bondhuya Re's Music is directed by Nilarghya Banerjee and the lyrics have been written by Suranjana Banerjee. The amazing musical arrangement of this mellifluous song has been presented by Partho Chakraborty. The song is visualized by Nilarghya and Shubhdeep and Roshni have acted in visualizing of this song. The icing of the cake is, Mahua herself has participated in the visualization of this song. The song can be heard, rather realized on the Musica Originals YouTube channel. The team of Musica Originals also congratulated and thanked Mahua Banerjee for her endeavour and effort to create this song and music video amidst this ongoing pandemic to give a slight relief to all. 

Pic and Video : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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