Doctors at Manipal Hospital Discussed Diabetes : During a Vacation at World Diabetes Day 

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Travelling with diabetes can be quite worrisome. Travel restrictions becoming less stringent now, getting away is becoming popular. Whether one is going away for a short or long break, managing blood sugars may be a challenge. When one is out of normal routine and the food available is different from what one is used to at home in addition to gourmet foods at outside eateries. A lot of planning goes into travel and diabetes management on top of that and preparing for a trip can sometimes feel challenging, However,  with a little pre-planning, neither health nor vacation needs to be sacrificed. Here are some useful tips : Some non-perishable snacks like protein bars, homemade trail mix, popcorn, peanuts, dry fruits. mixed nuts and seeds, whole-grain crackers. The snacks should include both protein and carb to balance out the blood sugar. These should be adequately available, to ensure supplies in case of unexpected delays. One carb tip - which may be rice or wheat-based. It is difficult to have control over what one receives in a restaurant and blood sugar management may be troublesome. This simple rule of thumb will help one to stay in control. Like medications and glucometer. Keep back up insulin in a carry-on if travelling by plane and keep insulin cold using a cold pack, A freezer pack will destroy the insulin. Carry the prescriptions for the medications in case one is run out. Have a letter stating the diabetes and why one needa the medical supplies. Let airport security know is one is having diabetes. Keep the insulin in a separate quart-sized bag from other liquids. Stay up to date on current airline regulations before travelling since these are often subject to change. People with diabetes are usually exempt from the liquid restrictions for medications, fast-acting liquid carbs, and gel packs. In case of an emergency, it is important to have some quick-acting sugar on hand like glucose tablets or powder. One can also keep small packs of juice while travelling.

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Report : Anustup Kundu