Industry Interactive Meet on Hydraulic Transportation of Ores, Minerals, Industrial Wastes


News Desk, News Nation 360 : CSIR-Institute of Mines and Minerals Technology organised an industry interactive meet on Hydraulic Transportation of Ores/ Minerals/ Industrial Wastes today at its Bhubaneswar Campus. CSIR-IMMT has developed a world-class pilot-scale test facility for transportation of high/low concentration slurry in horizontal/vertical directions. A unique vertical pipe loop test facility has been set up to determine design parameters for transporting minerals from sea beds and open cast mines. The test facility consists of a vertical structure with 75 mm, 100 mm & 150 mm NB pipes 20 m long. The set-up is well equipped with pumps, measuring instruments, feeding systems, screening systems, data acquisition systems etc. Dr A.K Sahu, Chief Scientist & Head, SPBD briefed about the objective of the Interactive meet and introduced the guests and participants. Dignitaries and delegates from JSW Steel Ltd., JSPL Ltd. ESSAR MINMET Ltd. ATAHA

Group, RASMI Group, RUNGTA Group, AM/NS India, BRPL etc. participated in this interactive session and discussed different aspects of the Hydraulic Transportation system. The Indian government has set a target to increase India’s steel output to 300 million tonnes by 2025-2026. In this circumstance, to reduce dependence on Railways, roadways steel industries intend to develop a Slurry Pipeline transportation system, as an alternate mode of transportation of iron ore concentrate in slurry form. The research on slurry transport at IMMT will help provide basic design parameters for the commercial iron ore slurry pipelines of different iron ore processing industries. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu