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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Children are the future, and to serve them is to serve the future of this world. In this increasingly digital world, there are many good samaritans who are going an extra mile to empower less fortunate children with opportunities and ways to a better tomorrow than their lives would normally offer them, Kallol Ghosh is an extraordinary man on an extraordinary mission. The 55-year-old man has started Cafe Positive, a cafe run entirely by HIV Positive teenagers who were abandoned by their families and society. The small cafe is a big step towards fighting the stigma that HIV Positive children and people in general face. So far, he has been instrumental in providing institutional and residential care to over 10,000 children. Moitrayee from MahaJiban has made it her life’s mission to uplift the lives of such children. She is raising funds online through Milaap for those who fall

prey to the hardships of living and growing up on the streets of Kolkata. Deeply moved by 10-12-year-old children at signals and stations taking to addiction to ‘numb out’ their hunger and still smaller children eating mud and leaves out of uncontrollable hunger. With MahaJiban’s help, she put them through rehab and started teaching them in a small shed. The trauma of being exploited on the streets and the fear of rejection from society cause these children to dread going to a real school, particularly since most of them are teenagers who have never learned to read and write. With a vision to empower these children rather than help them, Kallol Ghosh launched a café for HIV- positive teenagers. Today, around 10 young adults manage the café on their own, from cooking and maintenance to administration. He started an online fundraiser to keep the cafe running even through the Covid-19 Pandemic. They have managed to raise over 12.5 Lakh with the help of about 790 people across the world so far. They have rescued 110+ children so far, and wish to build a safe place for these children to live, learn and get an opportunity to have a normal childhood without any fear or inhibition. Her Milaap fundraiser was supported by over 1650 people from across the world who helped them raise Rs. 50 Lakh, which will be utilized to build a home for them in Rosulpur and a small office in Kolkata for serving the children. He said that all of them there are overwhelmed by the efforts made by Milaap in connecting me to people across the world who perhaps never knew about this initiative. Milaap has created a wonderful platform through their stupendous efforts to connect contributors to beneficiaries. Without this effort from Milaap, Cafe Positive would have never seen the new dawn after it closed during Pandemic. Milaap has helped these orphan children living with HIV realise their dream of opening a Cafe to share a Coffee beyond boundaries.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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