Mind Your Minds Game : Online Mental Health Awareness Programme Organized by 1LIFE 24/7 Helpline on the Eve of World Suicide Prevention Week

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : To commemorate the World Suicide Prevention Week, 1Life- a start-up Non-Profit, today organized an online awareness programme on positive mindset & mental health. The event was attended by Mithali Raj (Capt. Indian Woman Cricket Team), Susheel Borde (Head Reliance Innovation Centre and Ex CEO of Mumbai Indian Team), Dr Swetha (Psychiatrist Asha Hospitals). Speaking on the occasion, Lakshmi Prasanna – Director of Operations said that they at 1life, receive 1500+ calls for help on their helpline number (78930 78930) month on month. They have had several success stories and they would like to share them with the world. At 1Life their trained volunteers have saved 190+ lives during the pandemic period by providing support during the most critical time and helping them to battle their suicidal tendencies and successfully overcome those haunting thoughts and lead a normal life. Their volunteers handle the person having suicidal tendencies with utmost empathy and ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality. Dr Swetha mentioned there is a 6% decrease in suicide rates during pandemics which is good news to

share. Covid 19 improved the coping skills and appreciated that more women have reached out for help to 1life during the 2nd wave. Mithali Raj in conversation with Susheel Borde stressed the importance of managing mind-body connection in mental health. Positive affirmations, good sleep, positive self-talk are critical for work-life balance. While celebrities are also vulnerable, focusing on constructive criticism, growth mindset and self-belief are the differentiators. As a leader she believes being compassionate, emotional giving, acknowledging people are essential traits. She reiterated that everyone should have a support mechanism and seeking help is not a sign of weakness but that of courage. Mithali Raj appreciated the efforts of 1Life, and its importance in today’s world to give emotional support to the ones in need.

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Report : Anustup Kundu