Star Jalsha is Presenting Mohor - Notun Bishesh Porbo

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Mohor – an honest, hardworking and strong-willed girl, who fights against all odds to live life on her own terms and to fulfil her dreams. She is steadfast in principles and refuses to compromise against any wrongdoing and raises her voice against injustice. Her journey has not only resonated with viewers all over Bengal but also made her one of the most inspiring protagonists on Bengali television. This lockdown has kept the viewers eagerly waiting to see how her life story progresses, how her equation with Shankho takes a new turn and what new challenges awaits her. Mohor, has been stuck in the college hostel during the lockdown. A worried Shankho tries to reach out to her with some home-cooked food. But

But when he speaks to her, they end up arguing. Meanwhile, Shankho’s sister Mayuri devises a plan with Shrestha to remove Mohor from her brother’s life. Will she succeed? Will Mohor and Shankho, who have always been on opposite ends of the spectrum, sort out their differences? On Wednesday, 20th May, 8 pm the viewers will get a pleasant gift under the lockdown from Star Jalsha, through a specially curated episode named Mohor- Notun Bishesh Porbo. The fresh new episode will pick up the story thread from before the lockdown and move the story forward. Watch out for these answers on the 100% original episode of Mohor: Notun Bishesh Porbo on Wednesday, 20th May, 8 pm only on Star Jalsha.

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