Moj drives impact for marketers with its curated campaigns

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News Desk, News Nation 360 :  Moj, India’s number one short video app has been expanding its advertising and monetisation avenues over the last few months. With a user community of over 160 million, the platform supports 100 million+ pieces of new content every month from its creator community base of 50 million. To enhance monetisation and discovery opportunities for its creator base and for brands on the platform, Moj has demonstrated a symbiotic balance between users’ social experience and business using AI-based tools. The latest in a spate of successful brand collaborations has been Manyavar’s #DoTheManyavarMove. With the wedding season in full swing, Manyavar was looking to do a campaign that celebrates the Dulha as showcased in their latest ad film with Ranveer Singh. While capturing the moment of welcoming the baraat, the idea was to popularize the Manyavar Move by making a large number of

people replicate it. The ten-day-long campaign garnered more than 2 billion+ views and was led by 20 popular creators including Moj Superstar hunt winner - Himanshu Shrivastav, dancer Baba Jackson and Swimmer Sajan Prakash. The campaign was immensely popular with the Moj community creating innovative renditions of the #DoTheManyavarMove leading to approximately 200K+ UGC. Neha Nagpal Chatterjee, Director Sales, Moj stated that they are continuously working towards enhancing the social experience of their community while empowering brands to connect with their relevant audiences. The collaboration with Manyavar created a celebratory vibe on their platforms, with their creator community participating in huge numbers and revelling in the #DoTheManyavarMove campaign. Generating a spectacular 200K + UGC, the campaign was immensely successful in popularizing the Manyavar move. According to Vedant Modi, Chief Marketing Officer, Vedant Fashions Limited - Manyavar-Mohey, they are delighted to partner with Moj for #DoTheManyavarMove, which amplified the campaign and connected our brand to the right set of audiences. Backed by participation from some of the top creators of the platform, the campaign was successful in delivering its brand narrative of welcoming the Dulha and creating a celebratory mood. Looking for more such fruitful endeavours with Moj in the coming times.

Report : Anustup Kundu