​4 Reasons Why Neem and Aloe Vera Should Be on the Moonsoon Skincare List


News Desk, News Nation 360 : While the showers mark the culmination of the scorching summers, the season of monsoon brings its own set of challenges that demand a different kind of skincare routine. The humidity present in the air during this time definitely adversely impacts the texture of the skin. For monsoons, it is essential to treat skin with products that nourish without leaving behind a layer of grease, that moisturise and soften the skin. Monsoon rains cause dryness, itchiness, dull skin that leads to acne and other skin allergies. The need for germ protection also goes up in monsoons with the extra sweating due to increased humidity. Therefore, the best ritual to include in the bathing routine is regularly using ingredients like Neem Oil and Aloe Vera. A combination of the two can help with healing infinite skin issues that concern during the monsoon season : Clears excess oil accumulation and breakouts, boost natural hydration, Prevents skin infection, and Acts as an exfoliating and anti-pollution agent. Who doesn’t love dewy skin during monsoon with minimal fuss? The next time one visits the local store, seek out everyday, easy-to-use products that incorporate the benefits of Neem and Aloe like the Vivel Neem Oil and Aloe Vera body wash. Available at INR 40/- for 100ml and Rs. 80 for 200ml.

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Report : Anustup Kundu