Mountain Dew reinstates Darr ke aage jeet hai philosophy in new campaign with Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan x Mountain Dew_Image.jpg

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Mountain Dew is all set to inspire the youth of India to push boundaries and move beyond fear and self-doubt through its Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai campaign this year. The beverage brand has unveiled its new power-packed TVC today featuring Bollywood superstar and brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan. Taking the excitement up a notch, the film has been shot on the top of the world’s tallest building – Emaar’s Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Based on the powerful life insight of ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ the film opens to a birds-eye view shot from the top of the Burj Khalifa where Hrithik gears up to perform a daring stunt in front of a huge audience while representing India in making a world record. The film captures both the dilemma & the determination of Hrithik Roshan as he evaluates the choice in front of him. Hrithik takes a ‘himmat ka ghoonth’ (sip of Mountain Dew), a resolute look crosses his face as he plunges off from the edge of Burj Khalifa on his bike defying all odds. Speeding down from his bike from Burj Khalifa on a slim runway, Hrithik leaves the audience on-ground gasping with disbelief and fear as he falters and skids mid-way. However, with an unwavering spirit, Hrithik successfully makes his way to the end of the runway and emerges as a winner as the audience applaud him for this jaw-dropping action. Brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan stated that Mountain Dew’s philosophy of “Darr Ke Aage

Jeet Hai” is in line with his belief that no matter who you are or where you are from, it is an individual’s courage in the face of fear that makes him/her a real hero. It was a thrilling experience to shoot this TVC on Burj Khalifa and he is confident that this adventurous film will resonate strongly with his viewers. With this campaign, they are striving to reach new heights – quite literally and hope to inspire the youth to uphold their confidence and face their fears head-on. According to Vineet Sharma, Category Director- Mountain Dew & Sting, PepsiCo India, Mountain Dew has always saluted the spirit of risk-taking and pushing boundaries to achieve success beyond fear & self-doubt. This year, the brand reiterates that real heroes are those who face challenges head-on and emerge as winners. They are confident that the ‘Darr Se Daroge Toh Kuch Bada Kaise Karoge’ narrative in their new campaign will strike a chord with the consumers and the action-packed sequence featuring Hrithik on top of the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa will reinstate our ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ philosophy. 

Report : Anustup Kundu