Skin Diseases and Untouchability - A Social Stigma - Mass Awareness Programme by Indian Society for Pediatric Dermatology

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Skin has various multiple functions. It is one of everyone's closest friends. The skin controls the body temperatures, save internal organs, the joy will be reflexed by the contraction of skin - laugh where the wrinkles are the mirror of experiences of the senior people. Everyone became helpless some times when they are suffering from any dermatological diseases, where everyone has become more anxious on the other hand many questions of the people. This happens just because of there, in Bengal and throughout India, are existing many traditional concepts and miss-concepts and myths on dermatological diseases and problems, whereas there are many unsolved questions on the skin in our mind too. Indian Society for Pediatric Dermatology has organised a mass awareness programme on Skin Diseases named Skin Diseases and Untouchability - A Social Stigma to aware everyone regarding this case. Legendary International Figure of Dermatology of India, President of ISPD and Councillor,

World Eczema Council, Dr Sandipan Dhar has delivered the main speech to this programme. Besides this, Dr Raghubir Banerjee, Dr Rajib Malakar have been lectured and answered the questions of the people in the interactive session. It is a matter of fact that all white patches on the skin are not the symptoms of vitiligo, many reasons for developing these white patches and all have proper treatments. Despite, even today, vitiligo patients have felt discomforts in many cases of social life. The same case is on eczema - many miss-concepts are to this disease, but it is also not infectious and an eczema patient does not suffer from allergy and asthma due to its treatment. He may be suffered from them when eczema attacks him as a symptom of Atopic dermatitis, another dermatological disease. The main discussion of this programme was to aware everyone that Skin Diseases doesn't make anyone Untouchable and the myth and miss-concepts regarding these all disease are fake and it is curable.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu


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