Indian Women Network deliberates on

Single Parenting and New Family Models

News Desk, News Nation 360:  The CII- IWN West Bengal Chapter considers it necessary that substantive brainstorming is done on this very relevant subject of single parenthood and the way forward to ensure that socially, culturally, psychologically and legally such a status of being a ‘single parent’ becomes easy and also assimilation and inclusiveness in the society is taken forward. The CII – Indian Women Network, West Bengal Chapter, organized a session on Parental Journeys The New Family in Kolkata. The session, comprising of 2-panel discussions. Such a discussion dovetails with CII-IWN, WB’s agenda of encouraging leadership and capacity building. The Road to parenthood Challenges and the fun of being the only one in the lives of their children through experience sharing/ handling mental and emotional situations, moderated by Kasturi Ghatak, Strategic Consultant, Intueri Consulting LLP journeyed through narratives of entrepreneurs, professionals, psychologists who have become single parents under different circumstances. The panellists spoke as to how incidents, situations, day-to-day life moments taught them to mentor, guide and handhold a child. The 2nd. was Single Parents by Choice: The social picture of single parenthood – cause, effect & future. The discussions would be on how the world sees a single parent, the obstacles in the path and their impact were moderated by Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication. The panellists, who have all become single parents by choice shared interesting stories of their choice and their journeys going forward. Doctors spoke about parenting methods of adoption, surrogacy, IVF which are increasing in urban India and the psychiatrist also opined on how to deal with the totally new job of single parenting. The panel was welcomed, and the session and the session wrapped up by Ms Sucharita Basu, Vice Chairwoman, CII – IWN West Bengal Chapter & Partner, Aquilaw.

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Report: Anustup Kundu


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