Panasonic launches India’s largest range of Connected Air Conditioners

News Desk, News Nation 360:   Panasonic India, a diversified technology company, announced the launch of its all-new futuristic range of connected air conditionerswhile purchasing an AC, 71% new-age consumers look for automatic temperature regulation, remote access and smart diagnostics features as hygiene. To address their concerns on comfort and convenience, Panasonic’s new connected AC range offers a customized sleep mode feature that allows users to program different temperatures throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.  Panasonic’s new range of connected ACs provides convenience with the AI-enabled Miraie App comfort with better cooling via our unique JetStream and aero-wings technology, and health with its Nanoe-G technology that removes bacteria and PM 2.5. With intelligent and unique features such as the customized sleep mode, the AC enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to  pre-set  temperatures  profiles  through  the night for comfort. Users can

also create different temperature profiles for weekdays and weekends. Featuring an intuitive auto-diagnosis feature, the new connected range is equipped to detect issues in advance and alert users. Miraie platform can also provide a one-touch service request. Gaurav Sah, Business Head, Air Conditioning Group, Panasonic India, told, their exclusive consumer insight study tells them that Indian consumers seek enhanced product  experience  that  can  make  daily  life chores easier

and efficient, and 81% are willing to pay a bit extra for connected features. In line with their strategy to democratise technology, they are offering their new connected range at the same price point as the conventional split ACs. The insight study further tells them that 40% are willing to purchase connected ACs for better comfort, which is a huge opportunity. Catering to the growing preference for connected ACs, with this launch, they aim to capture 10% market share and 25%-30% growth in the air-conditioner segment in FY 2020-21. The new range of ACs are available at all Panasonic brand shops, large format retail outlets, online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart as well as small electronic stores across the country. The new range of IoT enabled Panasonic inverter split air conditioners are priced starting INR 35,990.

 Report: Anustup Kundu

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