Ola Launched Market Leading Safety Features 

for UK Ride-Hailing

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms, has launched three market leading safety features that set new standards for ride-hailing safety in the United Kingdom (UK). The features – all firsts in the UK – underline Ola’s commitment to rider and driver safety, drawing on its global technology capabilities to bring state-of-the-art safety functionality to the UK. In addition, Ola is also launching the Start Code security feature, a UK ride hailing first. The feature sends riders a unique four-digit passcode after booking a ride. The code must then be entered correctly by the driver, prior to commencing the trip, ensuring the right customer is matched to the right car and driver for additional peace of mind. This feature was first introduced globally by Ola in its home market India, as the One time password or OTP system, setting the safety and convenience benchmark for the global ride-hailing industry. Since then, the OTP system has been implemented by other players in the industry. Simon Smith, Head of Ola International, said that they’re focused on developing a range of best in class features that help them provide the safest possible ride share experience. They are committed to building world-class mobility innovations to provide even more reassurance for their customers and drivers. This initiative is part of Ola’s commitment to bringing state-of-the-art safety-tech to ride sharing services in London. Ola is piloting its flagship safety feature in the UK, called Guardian. The Guardian feature, developed by Ola as a world-first, uses machine learning to automatically detect irregular vehicle activity, including prolonged stops and unexpected route deviations. This is then flagged in real time to a dedicated safety response team, who will contact the rider and driver to confirm that they are both safe. Built on machine learning capabilities, the Ola platform will continuously learn and evolve, improving risk signaling. Both features have been successfully deployed across major cities in India and Australia, and have received widespread positive feedback from Ola’s passengers and drivers. They will be implemented across the UK, including London, when Ola launches on February 10th.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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