Bike Taxi Report by Ola Mobility Institute

News Desk, News Nation 360 : India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market and two-wheelers have emerged as the engine of growth for the booming on-demand, hyperlocal economy. Ola Mobility Institute's report on Bike-Taxis in India, titled, The Power of Two Wheels - Bike Taxis : India’s New Shared Mobility Frontier delves into empirically understanding the impact of bike-taxis on urban transportation, employment generation, financial inclusion, economic growth and income augmentation in India. Outline of the report is this report delves into understanding the impact of Bike-Taxis in India, focusing on - The economic and systemic salience of Bike Taxis and their future in the country, Empirically evaluates the impact Bike Taxis have had on urban transportation systems with Gurugram and Jaipur serving as cases in point, Report highlights the impact of bike-taxis on livelihood creation and economic growth, Offers recommendations to unlock the bike-taxi opportunity for India. Key Recommendations - Provide coherent legal clarity, Improve the linkage with public transit systems from the design stage itself; Remove entry barriers for a level playing field, Allow access to institutional credit & promote financial inclusion, Promote demand-responsiveness of mobility services, Create micro-entrepreneurial opportunities. The report estimates that bike-taxi in India has the potential to create over 2 million livelihood opportunities and a revenue of USD 4-5 billion. The report analyses data from Ola’s bike-taxi operations and interviews with 100+ drivers affiliated to bike-taxi platforms in Gurugram and Jaipur.

Report : Anustup Kundu


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