Covid-19 as a major turning point for modern Education

News Desk, News Nation 360: Pearson, the world's learning company, has revealed that more than three out of every four learners globally think that COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed education as everybody knows it. The findings appear in the second annual Global Learner Survey, capture the opinions and views of learners worldwide. The survey comes at a time when Indian Education sector is witnessing a historic shift to revolutionize how Indians will gain 21st-century knowledge and skills with the government rolling out National Education Policy 2020. Pearson conducted the study during the pandemic, giving learners in seven countries the opportunity to voice their opinions on primary, secondary and higher education; and careers and the future of work. The poll surveyed more than 7,000 people, ranging in age from 16 to 70. Now in its second year, Pearson’s Global Learner Survey is the most comprehensive global public opinion survey of its kind. More than 1000 respondents from India have participated in the survey. The survey shows that learners believe it’s unlikely there will be a return to the pre-COVID world of entirely full-time in-person work and learning. As they come to terms with this new reality, learners want schools and governments to address inequality in the learning experience, and desire digital skills they believe that will be required to thrive in the new economy. John Fallon, chief executive of Pearson, told as learners adjust to a world forever altered by a pandemic, they felt that it was more important than ever that they hear their voices. They understand that the future of work and learning is now a dynamic mix of online and in-person experiences. Learners are resilient, so they are learning and moving forward in new ways to seize that opportunity, no matter what the future holds.

Report : Anustup Kundu