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Alternative Stimulation Demonstrates How to Shield Kids From Speech Problems

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Children who have cerebral palsy, autism, or other disabilities frequently have speech or communication impairments. They are unable to comprehend what they are trying to say, even if they understand it. Children and young people who might never be able to speak were instructed on alternative or augmentative communication techniques in Laketown, Kolkata. There were parents and kids with speech and language impairments. Prominent speech-language pathologist and hearing specialist from SSKM Hospital, Kolkata, in the workshop. According to Shahidul Arefin, a child's speech and language disorders will be resolved quickly if alternative or augmentative communication is used to properly stimulate speech and language in the child. He stated that many autistic children in our nation visit doctors

with these kinds of issues. They still have a great deal of ignorance about them. He believes that to raise awareness of this, more workshops of this kind ought to be held. He advised parents to take their child to a qualified speech and language pathologist to confirm that the child's speech or language issue is present. Learn when and how much to use augmentative or alternative communication methods. Many people believe that a child who communicates in this way can't speak, he said. However, this notion is untrue. The child is then better able to speak quickly and express his emotions thanks to this alternate form of communication. This, in his opinion, is the only other option. Seeing the scope of the issue, he stated that the child can use low-, hi-, or mid-tech modern technology to express himself through a communication board, app, or other mechanical systems.

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