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Bullet Echo India has been Officially Released by KRAFTON and ZeptoLab

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Bullet Echo India has officially launched, thanks to a partnership between KRAFTON India and ZeptoLab. The product has been flying high since its soft launch earlier this month. This thrilling mobile top-down shooter game is tailored specifically for Indian players, providing an immersive experience with exclusive features. In the multiplayer PvP tactical top-down shooter game Bullet Echo India, players must band together, plan, and engage in intense combat to be the final team standing—think of it as a battle royale. With a swift ascent to the top of the 'Top Free,' 'Action,' and 'New' categories on the Google Play Store, the game made its soft launch on April 4th! Four hero skins with Indian themes—Maharani Sparkle, Dancer Mirage, Raja Slayer, and others—are included in the game. These skins incorporate various aspects of

India's rich cultural heritage. The hero Stalker gets a BGMI skin as part of a special partnership with BGMI, incorporating elements from the popular battle royale game in India into the Bullet Echo world. On the official launch of Bullet Echo India, Anuj Sahani stated that since Bullet Echo India's soft launch earlier this month, they have been ecstatic by the response from players; the rankings and positive feedback demonstrate KRAFTON's keen understanding of the preferences of Indian gamers. This game is revolutionary not only because of its creative gameplay but also because so many of the team's developers are female. Their skill and commitment have genuinely raised the bar for the sector.

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