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Children Of Responsible Charity Unveiled Sustainable Christmas Tree at Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Together with the Responsible Charity, a well-known city-based NGO, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport launched a touching project wherein the less fortunate kids began their Christmas festivities by unveiling a Sustainable Christmas Tree. With the help of distinguished hotel guests, these kids from Responsible Charity unveiled and lit this magnificent tree, giving the event a special meaning. The audience was mesmerised by the children as they performed a variety of beautiful carols for them. Soumyadeep Bhattacharya, Operations Manager, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport said that they have always placed a high priority on giving back to the community, and this year, in keeping with their sustainable development objectives, they have carefully chosen their Christmas tree, using wood that would otherwise be thrown away or wasted.

They were certain that the greatest way to honour this endeavour would be to commemorate this happy day and the start of Christmas by celebrating with kids who occasionally struggle to meet their basic needs. The eight-foot-tall "Sustainable Christmas Tree" was painstakingly built from reclaimed wood in an environmentally conscious attempt to reduce the substantial amount of waste produced during the holiday season. With great care and attention to detail, every item in the amazing "Tree of Life" is uniquely added by the committed staff at Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport.

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