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International Women's Day is Celebrated at Acropolis Mall in 2024 in Keeping With the Worldwide Theme

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Together with Sananda and Friends FM, Acropolis Mall in Kolkata celebrated International Women's Day in style, showcasing inclusivity and female empowerment. Throughout the two-day celebration, the mall embraced the theme of "Women in Our Lives" with a variety of entertaining activities and heartfelt acknowledgements. Acropolis Mall arranged a range of educational programmes to encourage and uplift women in all fields. With the theme of "Showcase Your Talent," women were encouraged to shine brightly through various art and cultural events, including an enthralling painting contest and spontaneous performances. In addition, Acropolis Mall and Sananda extended an invitation to the community to submit nominations for outstanding women in their lives. This resulted in a warm celebration of the top five nominees for their invaluable contributions. Entertainment industry heavyweights Richa Sharma and Sonalee Chaudhuri honoured the top performers at the event's closing ceremony on March 9. Their praises were in line with the ideas of female empowerment and female talent celebration. Three female achievers were honoured under the "Women in Our Lives" category: Mousumi Ghosh, Neela Sarkar,

and Basudha Basu. Chandrani Biswas, Basudha Basu, Enakshi Bhattacharya, Sruti Goswami, Shankhyamita Neogi, Dr Ahana Chakraborty, Debalina Mukherjee, Bidisha Saha, Rajasree Mukherjee, and Lipi Basu performed closely and displayed their skills in music, dance, and recitation. Renowned artist Eleena Banik opened a captivating art show that featured deep insights into femininity via the brushwork of skilled female artists. The Acropolis Mall's atrium was decorated with fifteen arresting pieces of art, each of which captured a distinct aspect of the feminine experience. Experts in the arts were impressed by the daring brushstrokes and scattering of colours on the canvas of the amateur female painters, whose creations depicted various aspects of womanhood at the Women's Day art show. The following participants expressed their happiness at receiving recognition for their artwork: Rina Roy, Kakoli Chatterjee, Prajukta Biswas, Mita Roy, Prayusa Jana, Diparati Chakraborty, Soma Banerjee, Paramita Sarkar, Kakoli Chatterjee, Anusree Bhowmick, Srijoni Biswas, Panchali Burma, Sanjukta Paul, Apama Roy and Isha Chaudhury. Commenting on the occasion, Subhadip Basu, GM. Acropolis Mall stated that they have the honour of honouring the many skills and contributions that women have contributed to society as they are its architects. The Women's Day celebrations, which included exclusive offers, complimentary makeovers, and sincere acknowledgements, are proof of their steadfast commitment to promoting gender equality and female empowerment. In keeping with the worldwide Women's Day theme of "Inspire Inclusion," Acropolis Mall reaffirmed its dedication to creating a climate in which women are given equal opportunities and respect.

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