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Kolkata Centre for Creativity Presented a Hilarious Comedy by Alan Ayckbourn Relatively Speaking

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Kolkata Centre for Creativity presented "Relatively Speaking," a delightful comedy by renowned playwright Alan Ayckbourn, in collaboration with The Madras Players and the Chennai Art Theatre. The event took place in the magnificent KCC Amphitheatre. With a talented cast that included Yohan Chacko, Shaan Katari Libby, Sarvesh Sridhar, and Ameera D'costa, the production promised an evening of entertainment and laughter. A passionate cast of actors

and directors brought Ayckbourn's wit and humour to life onstage. The play, directed by Tehzeeb Katari, exemplifies Ayckbourn's ability to write sparkling dialogue and intricate plots. "Relatively Speaking" follows two couples who become entangled in a web of misunderstandings, which leads to hilarious situations and dramatic irony. The audience was kept guessing until the end, with unexpected twists and turns that kept everyone on edge. Richa Agarwal,

Chairperson of Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) stated that she was thrilled to learn that KCC collaborated with The Madras Players and Chennai Art Theatre to present Alan Ayckbourn's delightful comedy 'Relatively Speaking' at the magnificent KCC Amphitheatre. Relatively Speaking is a must-see theatre event of the year, and she hoped that audiences would be captivated by its talented cast of passionate performers, sparkling dialogues, quick wit, and humour.

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