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Kolkata is in for a Vibrant Treat at TSK 25K 2023

News Desk, News Nation 360: A colourful blend of pop culture and athleticism, the Run in Costume Contest is a new feature of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K. Take on a favourite animated, manga, comic book, video game, or TV character and race on a track as lively as the city's heartbeat. Honour the vibrant art form and the expanding, cross-border subculture. The Run in Costume competition invites the ardent fans of Kolkata to display their imagination, talent, and devotion to their favourite characters. Actress and model Prantika Das and dedicated Kolkata cosplayer Asmita Ghosh, also known as Chiropteran Queen, will judge the competition. Run to the finish line to win amazing prizes, cash rewards and the distinction of being Kolkata's Run in Costume Champion in addition to the excitement of the run. Types of Contest - Individuals: The three winners—first, second, and third—will be chosen by the judges in attendance, Group: The judges in attendance will choose the first, second, and third winning groups. A group that wants to compete must have at least five members. All skill levels are welcome to enter this competition, which evaluates stage presence, presentation, showmanship, and the obvious effort put into making individual costume by hand. There are pre-qualification rules for this contest, and there are walk-on segments as well. Qualifications - One has to be signed up for the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K Ananda Run, Every competitor, whether solo or in a group, needs to have a marathon bib sewn onto the front of their outfit. One has to always be able to see by bib number, By entering this contest, Just let's stay out of this trouble. Judges, volunteers, and all other Procam staff members reserve the right to deny anyone entry or participation. If someone is being difficult, they also reserve the right to not explain it. Contestants are limited to entering ONE of the two available contest categories. Awards are as follows, Cash Prize for Individual Contestants: Position First ₹ 30,000 Second ₹ 20,000, Participants in Groups: Standings Cash Prize, First ₹ 40,000 Second ₹ 30,000. Come experience the world of cosplay at the eagerly anticipated 2023 Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, which takes place on Sunday, December 17.

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