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Kolkata's 18-30 Age Group Makes Decisions about Home Snacking : Godrej Yummiez Study

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The International Day of Families is observed annually on May 15th. In India, one of the most important moments that unite families is daily 'chai time and snacks.' This tradition appeals to people of all ages, from children to the elderly, making it ideal for family bonding. An intriguing study titled 'STTEM - Safety, Technology, Taste, Ease & Mood Uplifter, The India Snacking Report (Volume I) by Godrej Yummiez, a brand of ready-to-cook products from Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd (GTFL) investigates which age group typically decides on the type of snacks consumed in families, amidst the plethora of options available on the market. This insight into family snacking dynamics is especially relevant as they commemorate the International Day of Families, which emphasises the role of food and snacks in bringing families together. The report highlights an interesting trend: children play an increasingly important role in snack decision-making, particularly in Hyderabad, where they account for 33% of choices. The report also includes city-specific data on youth-driven snacking decisions in India's major cities. Kolkata leads with 40% of young people influencing family snacking choices, followed by Lucknow (37%), Ahmedabad (36%), Bangalore (35%), and Mumbai (34%). Delhi and Jaipur are tied at 32%, with Pune and Chennai following closely at 31% and 30%, respectively. Speaking about the insights and the report, Mohit Marwaha, AVP - Yummiez, Godrej Tyson Foods Limited (GTFL), stated that Godrej Yummiez is proud to be a category thought leader, deeply understanding consumers and driving trends that are redefining the frozen ready-to-cook segment. Their India Snacking Report demonstrates this commitment, providing valuable insights into snacking trends and highlighting the growing influence of youth in shaping family snacking choices. It's fascinating to see the significant shift in traditional family dynamics, with children aged 18 to 30 now taking the lead in determining snacking preferences. This trend reflects the changing consumer landscape and the growing demand for low-cost, convenient, and easy-to-prepare options while encouraging young people to try new snacking categories.


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