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Offerings for Poila Boishakh at Cafe Drifter

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Bengali New Year, or Poila Boishakh, revolves around Bengali khabar, or pet puja. Cafe Drifter is bringing the best Bengali food this entire month to celebrate this auspicious day. The menu will take back in time and evoke feelings of nostalgia from the East. From 14th April 2024 to 30th April 2024, from 8 AM- 11 PM, the Poila Boishakh special Menu 

Bangaliana Bhuri Bhoj which includes Aamish Thali - Mutton (Aampora Shorbot + Kaju Kishmish Polao+ Echorer Kofta + Ghee Roast Mutton + Salad + Raajbhog; Aamish Thali - Chicken (Aampora Shorbot + Kaju Kishmish Polao+ Echorer Kofta+Chicken Dukbungalow + Salad + Raajbhog); Niramish Thali like Aampora Shorbot + Kaju Kishmish Polao+ Echorer Kofta+ Chhanar Dalna +

Salad + Raajbhog, Ala carte like Aam Kasundi Chicken Kathi Kabab, Aam Kasundi Chicken Kathi Kabab, Haanser Dimer Devil, Mochar Cutlet, Cocktail Fish Kobiraji, Chhanar Pocket; Gondhoraj Doi Er Ghol (beverage), Mishti Doi Tiramisu (dessert) and much more at P-547, Lake Rd, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029 at just Rs 1100 & 1000 (Aamish Thali), Rupees 1000 (Niramish Thali) and Rupees 650 (Ala carte) plus taxes.

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