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School-based Awareness Campaign to Protect Kids With Learning Disabilities

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The film "Tare Zamin Par" brought attention to dyslexia in kids, but there are numerous other communication disorders that can impede a child's growth. These conditions, which can impair language skills, hearing, speech processing, and pronunciation, are often undetectable to outsiders and keep kids from developing to their full potential. 34 million children under the age of 15 are estimated to have hearing impairments, and many more have trouble processing information, according to a 2021 World Health Organisation report. Fortunately, speech-language pathologists and audiologists think that most communication disorders can be successfully treated with the right diagnosis and intervention. Mohammad Shahidul Arefin, a speech pathologist or speech and hearing specialist at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata, stated that

research and surveys on the subject have revealed that the prevalence of communication disorders in elementary and secondary school-aged children across several developed nations ranges from 7.7% to 13%. That means that between one in seven and twelve kids experience this issue. Even though no such survey or scientific research has been conducted in our nation, they believe the number to be slightly higher rather than lower. At a seminar on '21st Century School Teaching' in Kolkata, experts emphasised these issues facing children and students. According to Arefin, it's critical to educate the public about the therapy or treatments available to address these issues. In a similar vein, students who experience any of these issues should have their school-level readings or special camps examined.

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