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Serra Café's Launch Elevated Tranquility and Taste

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Serra is the first retractable-roof café in the city, providing guests with a singular experience. It provides a singular experience that can be enjoyed all year long, whether you're sitting on an open terrace in the winter, being fooled into thinking it's summer, or covered in a curtain of rain. Thus, Serra Café proudly opened Salt Lake Sector 5's glasshouse rooftop cafe. Debashis Sen, Chief Advisor, New Town Sarbojanin; MD HIDCO, Chairman, NKDA/NDITA, Urmila Sen, President and Professor, New Town Sarbojanin, and Kamalini Paul, Director of Serra Café, graced the grand launch. The Italian word for "greenhouse", Serra, tries to evoke the leisurely, European way of life surrounded by greenery and blue skies. Serra Café is a place to stop, reflect, and get back in touch with yourself. Serra can accommodate a variety of needs with its executive meeting rooms, private dining area, banquet hall measuring 1000 square feet, and laid-back rooftop glass house cafe.

The goal of Serra Cafe is to simply remind people to appreciate the present moment and take a break from their busy lives. A genuinely remarkable experience is ensured by its distinctive architectural design, which includes an automated retractable terrace. Delicious options like the Apple Butterscotch Ice Blend, Coffee Hazelnut Choux, and Cheesecakes are available on Serra's menu. Citron Patisserie serves chicken croissants and babkas. As an extension of the De Sovrani Kitchen, Chef Tapash oversees the in-house kitchen and likes to keep the menu straightforward and approachable! The "Serra Symphony," along with some incredible combos like the Hot Latte with Butter Croissant, Tea with Lemon Chia, or Double Chocolate Brownie with Iced Latte, are their most highly recommended desserts. Serra charges INR 750 for a two-person meal, and the cafe is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Speaking to the press, Kamalini Paul, Director of Serra Café said that she wanted to gift this city a simple, charming, and sustainable home away from home to encourage people to reconnect with themselves. Her vision is expanded upon in this sanctuary. Her enduring purpose has been to spread the warmth of happiness to every heart and make it a relatable and accessible source of joy for everyone. She has dedicated her life to the art of creating experiences that touch the souls of many. Her sincere goal with Serra is to create a place where everyone can find true happiness and where life's little joys are contagious and warm. It is a place to relish life's small pleasures and either escape or embrace daily life in a different way. Serra is a city rooftop cafe housed in a glass house that offers a cosy spot on a couch, a view of the city, and a favourite snack in an effort to evoke a feeling of place.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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