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The 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain - 2024 was Held in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : An international conference in the city of Kolkata on pain management was organised, a relatively new but vital area of medical study. This conference took place in Kolkata, from Friday, March 8th, to Sunday, March 10th. This conference drew well-known pain specialists and medical scientists from both domestic and international venues. Kolkata is the host city of the 8th 'International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain (ICRA Pain-2024),' an international conference led by the well-known pain treatment centre Daradia Pain Foundation. Despite being common among medical professionals, many people are still unaware of interventional pain management. The founder of Daradia, Dr. Gautam Das, has dedicated his life to making pain management more widely known. For a considerable amount of time, Dr. Das and his team have been training medical professionals both domestically and abroad. Experts like Dr Smritirekha Hota from Sambalpur, Dr Shirish Amatya from Nepal, Kaosar Sardar & Dr AH Milton from Bangladesh, Dr CJ Toh & Dr Gopinath Raju from Malaysia, Dr Mathu Tang from Singapore, and Dr Saba Ahmed from Iraq are just a few of the professionals showcasing various approaches to pain management during this conference's talks and presentations. They introduce diverse approaches to pain management during the conference through a variety of discussions. A new and very successful pain-reduction technique called bonemarrow cell therapy has surfaced. In interventional pain management, ozone nucleolysis, platelet-rich plasma, selective nerve root block, percutaneous microdiscectomy, and radiofrequency neurotomy are a few of the treatment modalities available. The patient's overall health determines the course of treatment. Exercise is also crucial in addition to these treatments. Pain is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, according to Dr. Gautam Das. An estimated 22.5% of people live with chronic pain in India alone. Up to 40% of people worldwide and in some countries experience chronic pain. The frequency of experiencing pain rises with age. Many body parts are affected by pain, including the hands, knees, back, shoulders, and spine. In addition to these, the last stage of cancer is unbearably painful. While pain medication can provide some temporary relief, it is not a permanent solution. Interventional pain management addresses the underlying causes of chronic pain to provide long-term relief, as opposed to only short-term relief.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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