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The Festivities for Arthshila Santiniketan's Second Anniversary are Proudly Announced

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Situated in the centre of Santiniketan, Arthshila Santiniketan is pleased to announce its second-anniversary celebration. Since its opening on March 22, 2022, the centre has developed a reputation as a centre for cultural enrichment that encourages artistic endeavours and creativity. Arthshila Santiniketan has been organising a variety of events that provide both visitors and enthusiasts with a memorable experience. Arthshila Santiniketan is dedicated to fostering artistic expression and intercultural dialogue, even amid the anniversary celebrations. Participants in the joyous celebration included art enthusiasts, music lovers, and people of all ages. The centre reiterates its commitment to supporting artistic innovation, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue, and nurturing creativity as it begins its next chapter. An outstanding exhibition honouring the centenary of famed artist K.G. Subramanyan is the centrepiece of the anniversary celebration. K.G. Subramanyan, also referred to as "Mani Da," is a well-known artist, art educator, designer, writer, and philosopher of art. His work will be on

display at the centre through March 30, 2024. On Saturday, March 23, 2024, Arthshila Santiniketan will be delighted to present live performances of "Songs of Kabir," a captivating musical and spiritual journey through the world of the renowned mystic poet. The audience would be mesmerised by Shabnam Virmani's and Shreeparna Mitra's melodies at "Aisa Des Deewana." Sanjiv Kumar, Founder of Takshila Foundation stated that in all forms and spheres of art, Arthshila is dedicated to promoting the new while preserving the classic. Their first two years at Arthshila Santiniketan have been filled with planning and implementing a variety of programmes, getting support from Santiniketan's arts community, and learning a great deal in the process. They are thrilled to celebrate their second anniversary with a vibrant programme of cultural events that they believe will enhance Santiniketan's reputation as a centre for music, art, and culture.

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