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The New Bengali Film Maharaaj is Coming Soon

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Director Nirupam Dutta’s new Bengali independent feature Film from the house of Musafir Stories, Maharaaj is coming soon. Rahul and Nandini, a young couple in Kolkata, struggle to maintain their household due to their busy work schedules. Despite searching, they fail to find a suitable cook. One day, Rahul's boss sends a cook named Maharaaj, who although initially seems suspicious to Nandini, is hired by Rahul. Maharaaj's presence brings joy and lively discussions to their home, but it eventually leads to a clash of egos and his dismissal. Nandini, realizing her mistake and guilt in insulting Maharaaj, becomes upset with Rahul. The situation takes a strange turn when Rahul learns Maharaaj was never sent by his boss and the city experiences bomb blasts that same night, raising suspicion about Maharaaj's true identity. Nandini, intoxicated and consumed by guilt for letting Maharaaj go, argues with Rahul about his motives. In a dreamlike state, she encounters Maharaaj again in their apartment, but his existence remains ambiguous. Despite the unresolved mystery, Nandini recognizes personal growth from this experience. The film is an experimental interpretation of the modern underground feature. In the film, an odd cook who vanishes like a comet unexpectedly enters the lives of a busy couple.

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