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"The Risk Of A Heart Attack Is Maximum In The Winter", Dr M S Purkait

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Everyone must keep in mind that pollutants and their dispersal increase during the winter. This may cause inflammation, making it harder for smokers and asthmatics to breathe. Heart attacks are more common in the winter because of the decreased heart rate, which puts more strain on the heart due to increased work capacity. Dr M S Purkait, Medical Superintendent, Techno India DAMA Hospital has discussed about it thoroughly. Blood vessels constrict during the cold months, which raises blood pressure in hypertensive individuals and increases the risk of brain strokes. In a similar vein, a diet high in cholesterol can clog blood vessels. As a result, everyone must exercise, eat sensibly, and stay hydrated by consuming enough, sometimes lukewarm, water. One must stay out of the harsh weather and dress in layers. Maintaining good hand hygiene along with other preventive measures helps to keep everyone safe.

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