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The Workshop on Indian Standards in Tunnel Construction was Successfully Concluded by the Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A two-day workshop on Indian Standards in Tunnel Construction: A Workshop for Engineering Excellence was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering at Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management, a JIS Group Educational Initiative, in association with the Bureau of Indian Standards- Kolkata Branch Office-II." The event attracted over 120 students from prestigious universities in the area and received a great deal of attention from the engineering community. The workshop emphasised the critical role that tunnel construction plays in the development of contemporary infrastructure by providing a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry experts and aspiring engineers. Prominent speakers on the importance of following Indian standards in tunnel construction included Chiranjib Sarkar from TAIym, Manab Kumar Sinha from AECOM, and K. K. Paul from BIS KKBO-II. Their insights were invaluable. Speaking on this occasion, Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director of JIS Group stated that it gives JIS Group great pleasure to have conducted a workshop on Indian Standards in Tunnel Construction that was so well received. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees highlights how crucial it is to

encourage industry and academic cooperation to advance engineering excellence. Building tunnels is essential for improving connectivity, environmental sustainability, and transit routes. Additionally, it makes it easier for subterranean spaces to be developed for a variety of uses, including utility services, water management, and transportation. The workshop emphasised the significance of guaranteeing safety, durability, and sustainability in tunnel construction projects, by international best practices, and by stressing adherence to Indian standards. The objective of the workshop was to foster a deeper understanding of innovative techniques and standards for engineering excellence in tunnel construction. To that end, participants participated in interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, and lively discussions. Students had the chance to network with professionals in the field, learn about new trends, and consider career options in civil engineering by attending this special event.

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