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The World's First KnowPedia is Revealed by Accolade Group in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The world's first KnowPedia, Ascend, was unveiled at a successful soft launch event held in Kolkata by The Accolade Group. This ground-breaking platform ushers in a new era of inspiration and knowledge curation by providing an interactive digital experience that integrates health, education, and entertainment. Dignitaries such as Professor Dr Debasish Bhattacharya, Principal Advisor, "HealthOlogy," Accolade Group; Professor Gurudas Gupta, Principal Advisor, Education, Accolade Group; and Monika Parashari Lahiri, COO, Accolade Group, Indrajit Lahiri; Food Blogger, Advisor (Content Curation), Accolade Group; Partha Pratim Sengupta, Former MD & CEO, Indian Overseas Bank, Advisor & Economy, Accolade  Group; Dr J. S Rajkumar, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Chairman Lifeline Hospitals & Chief Surgeon; Dr Sridhar Bhagavatula, Former Deputy Director CII; Ananth Subramanian, Partner, Partner, Truste and Veteran Technocrat and Q H Khan, Founder and MD, Dheya IAS graced the occasion. The Accolade Group believes that everyone, regardless of circumstances or background, should have access to knowledge. By providing iKnowledge, which is presented engagingly and educationally encouraging active engagement, Ascend dismantles obstacles to knowledge. Ascend offers options for all learning

styles and interests, so there's something for everyone. AI technology ensures a truly personalised learning experience by customising the platform to each user's needs. Ascend's soft launch represents a major advancement in the democratisation of knowledge. With its distinctive fusion of personalisation, accessibility, and engagement, Ascend has the potential to revolutionise how to learn, take care of health, and engage with the world. With this project, Ascend completely changed how people interact with and obtain knowledge. The site is divided into three distinct but cohesive sections: KnowFlix, HealthOlogy, and LearnHub. LearnHub is an aggregator of personalised learning that offers courses from top international universities. LearnHub uses AI to customise learning paths based on each learner's needs and objectives. An integrated health management system called HealthOlogy gives users the ability to take control of their health. HealthOlogy seamlessly combines a variety of solutions, state-of-the-art developments, and health monitoring. Lastly, KnowFlix is a carefully selected collection of educational and entertaining audiovisual materials. It offers a variety of content from well-known experts that piques interest and motivates action. On this occasion, Monika Parashari Lahiri, COO of Accolade Group, stated that With its captivating format and wealth of content, Ascend was founded to democratise access to knowledge. By carefully fusing the practical and the sentimental, they motivate every willing individual in society to take action.

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