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UCMAS Abacus West Bengal Reflected on Two Decades of Abacus Excellence in Past Beads for Peace Rally

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The remarkable "Beads for Peace" Rally marked the 20th anniversary of operations for UCMAS, a Malaysian company that specialises in the whole brain development of children aged 4-13 through the use of Abacus and mental arithmetic. The company is based in West Bengal. Against the backdrop of the 20th-anniversary celebrations, the "Beads for Peace" Rally was a significant event that served as a moving reminder of UCMAS's dedication to developing young minds. The rally, held at the UCMAS Jodhpur Park Centre, was a peaceful assembly of kids, parents, and notable individuals, such as N. Anand, the UCMAS WB Director. Since starting its operations in West Bengal in 2004, UCMAS has grown significantly, creating about 84 centres devoted to the promotion of mental health and comprehensive brain development. Reflecting on the event, N. Anand shared that their experience in West Bengal, which commenced in 2004, bears witness to their dedication to the holistic growth of children. The 'Beads for Peace' Rally is a representation of the principles that are important to them: peace, unity, and compassion.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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