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Upcoming Film Beiman's Poster Released in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360: The Bengali film 'Beiman', directed and produced by Jamal Uddin Sardar, has a poster and music CD available. A celebration was planned for Friday, December 29, at the Calcutta Press Club to commemorate the event. There were film crews in attendance. Highlights of Film Production 'Beiman' is a family movie that is dedicated. Romantic as well. Kalyan Dutta is a Storyteller. Jamal Uddin Sardar wrote the dialogue and screenplay. Surya Chatterjee is the songwriter. starring Gaur Sardar, Anuradha Roy, Abhik Bhattacharya, Rithika Sen, Junaid Khan, and others. The two-hour movie was filmed in Kolkata and various locations within the Sundarbans. Baiman is a movie that the whole family can watch together, according to the movie's hero, Junaid Khan, who made this statement at the event. He urged Bengali moviegoers to attend cinemas and enjoy films. In March 2024 of next year, Beiman is expected to be released.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu



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