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Upcoming Film Dugga's Poster Released in Kolkata

Updated: Apr 19

News Desk, News Nation 360 : 'Dugga' film poster and teaser, directed by debutant M Salim and produced by Krishna Gupta, distributed by 'Prithvi Films'. Surajit is the writer of this movie's script, starring newcomers Golam Mohammed, Ishita Das, Anasua Samanta, Manojit Baral, Ehsaan Khan,

and Anindita Jana. Dugga's poster and teaser were unveiled at a press conference held at the 'Academy of Fine Arts' in Kolkata. While talking to the media, the director of the film, M Salim, stated that a two-and-a-half-hour film called Dugga will tell the tale of a village girl's marriage, the changes in her life after marriage, her entry into the forbidden area, and ultimately her escape and establishment. The film will be released before Mahalaya this year if all goes according to plan.

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