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Wynn.Fit Offers a Distinctive Exercise Experience in Kolkata to Celebrate its First Anniversary

Updated: Apr 19

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The all-inclusive fitness destination Wynn.Fit Fitness Studio is commemorating one year of business. Wynn.Fit, a fun and convenient substitute for conventional gyms, has revolutionised the way people in Kolkata approach fitness since it opened in 2023. There is much more to Wynn.Fit than just a gym. It tackles fitness from a holistic standpoint. This exercise facility offers more than just rigorous regimens and weightlifting. They provide a wide variety of seven training programmes all under one roof: boxing, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), hypertrophy-specific training, aerial yoga, dance fitness, and strength and conditioning. Wynn.Fit held a special event at the gym to commemorate their first anniversary. Tollywood actress Devlina Kumar, who is a regular member of the fitness studio, was present and

saw the variety of workouts offered there. On this occasion, Swati Bahety, Co-Founder of Wynn.Fit stated that Wynn.Fit celebrated its first year. It has been a journey of learning and growth, filled with both challenges and triumphs. The team's dedication has led to create fun and engaging fitness classes. Looking ahead, there's immense excitement for the future thanks to their unwavering support. Wynn.Fit offers a welcoming environment with easy parking, affordable membership, and a convenient app to personalize individual fitness journey.

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