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Yuvraj Singh Centres of Excellence and Merlin Group's High-performance Centre are Formally Inaugurated by Cricket Legend Yuvraj Singh

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Yuvraj Singh Centres of Excellence & Merlin Group's High-performance Centre for cricket enthusiasts has been formally opened at Merlin Rise, the Sports Republic at Rajarhat in Kolkata. Yuvraj Singh is one of India’s cricket icons and was named Man of the Tournament in the winning Indian World Cup team of 2011. The High-Performance Centre at Merlin Rise - The Sports Republic at Rajarhat, Kolkata has been inaugurated and this historic event aims to take cricket development in India to new heights by fusing the dependable legacy of Merlin Group with the unmatched athletic legacy of Yuvraj Singh. When Merlin Rise Sports Republic's High-Performance Centre is completed, it will have residential amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Former players, BCCI-certified coaches, physiotherapists, and trainers committed to developing young athletes' skills make up the coaching panel. Along with tailored modules and one-on-one coaching, the programme will provide ongoing support for a healthy balanced diet and nutrition-based lifestyle. The high-intensity programme includes mental conditioning sessions, fitness tests, and detailed video analysis for technical improvement. Through frequent video conversations with coaches and the CEO of YSCE, Yuvraj Singh will personally keep an eye on the students' development. Developed by Yuvraj Singh and his coaching team, the Advanced Training Programme at the High-Performance Centre will offer a rigorous one-year programme that has been carefully researched to meet the demands of modern cricket. Saket Mohta, Managing Director of Merlin Group, shared his enthusiasm for the pathbreaking partnership and stated that they are thrilled to have Yuvraj Singh, the cricket legend, here at Merlin Rise. They are ecstatic to collaborate with Yuvraj Singh Centres of Excellence to open this High-Performance Centre, which demonstrates their dedication to advance athletic excellence in West Bengal and throughout India. Under Yuvraj Singh's direction, they look forward to foster young talent and assisting them in reaching their greatest potential.

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