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Zee Bangla Cinema Celebrated Reaching Three Crore Viewers and Becoming the #1 Bangla Movie Channel

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The most popular Bangla movie channel, Zee Bangla Cinema, which is the go-to place for Bengali movie buffs, threw a lavish celebration to commemorate reaching 3 crore viewers. This accomplishment affirms the channel's unwavering dedication to providing top-notch entertainment that appeals to millions of viewers throughout West Bengal. Along with other well-known figures from Tollywood, Gaurav Chakrabarty and the lovely Kirtan singer Aditi Munshi graced the celebration. Zee Bangla Cinema has also unveiled several exciting new initiatives that are poised to redefine Bengali entertainment in honour of this historic occasion. The two newly introduced shows are Song Connection, a riveting programme in which actor Gaurav Chakraborty narrates fascinating stories of well-known personalities from Bengali music and movies,

accompanied by timeless Bengali songs that complement each narrative, and Tang Mat Karo (TMK), an inventive half-hour comedy show that deftly incorporates the best movie clips from Bengali cinema, promising laughter and joy to audiences. The channel also debuted Zee Bangla Cinema Originals 2.0, ushering in a new era of creativity and quality for Zee Bangla Cinema. With this announcement, viewers can expect a more expansive and immersive cinematic experience from Zee Bangla Cinema Originals. A Zee Bangla Cinema Brand Song, composed by the well-known musician Pandit Bickram Ghosh and specially selected for the brand films, was also launched. It highlights the inventiveness and artistic talent that are fundamental to Bengali cinema. Jalaluddin Mondal, Chief Channel Officer-Zee Bangla Cinema & Marketing Head- East Cluster, Zee Entertainment Enterprises said that the introduction of their new projects demonstrates their commitment to ongoing innovation and giving the viewers of Zee Bangla Cinema enjoyable and educational entertainment experiences.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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