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ZEE5 has Released its Trailer of the Upcoming Bengali Series Paashbalish

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The trailer for ZEE5, the biggest in-house video streaming platform in India, for its upcoming Bengali romantic thriller Paashbalish, was released today. The main actors in this Mahabahu Motion Pictures-produced series are Sourav Das, Ishaa Saha, and Suhatro Mukherjee. Paashbalish, which is slated for release on May 10, is a fantastic fusion of passion, love, and retaliation. The narrative follows the paths of two childhood friends from Bangladesh, Babla and Mampi. Will fate bring them back together or will their reunion change their lives irrevocably, fifteen years later? The director of Paashbalish, Korok Murmu, expresses his passion for the project, describing it as a meticulously crafted story blending romance, suspense, and raw emotion. He highlights the exceptional collaboration with the talented cast and his excitement for viewers to experience the captivating world. Murmu sees ZEE5's extensive reach, especially in regional markets, as a perfect platform to connect with a global audience. He hopes that the Bengali series will resonate with viewers from all backgrounds and cultures, leaving a lasting impact. He promises a captivating storyline with

surprising twists, ensuring viewers will be enthralled throughout the entire series. Paashbalish, which deftly weaves together the fates of Babla (Suhatro Mukherjee), Mampi (Ishaa Saha), Swadesh (Sourabh Das), and Adhiraj (Rishi Kaushik), is at the centre of a compelling story. Viewers are drawn into a world where the past and present converge as the story progresses, unveiling a narrative full of complex mysteries and intense feelings. In addition to teasing with scenes of people applauding for Chandu to sing, the teaser trailer also shows off his resolve and makes vague allusions to painful reunions and sinister intentions. Paashbalish offers a glimpse into a tale of love, treachery, and redemption while delivering an engrossing journey where entwined destinies collide in unexpected and dramatic ways.

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