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Princeton Club Announced a Live Screening of World Cup Final Match Between India and Australia


News Desk, News Nation 360 : With great pleasure, Princeton Club announced a special live screening of the World Cup Final on October 19.  Two banquets in the club can accommodate 175 people each to host the live screening of the World Cup Final. Both banquets will offer the full restaurant service, and the staff will be dressed in Indian jerseys to further evoke a sense of patriotism. In addition, the club has planned a three-day Street Food Extravaganza, which will start on November 17 and end with the high-stakes World Cup Final on November 19 from 4 to 7 p.m. every day. The street food festival's menu, curated by Executive Chef Abhijit Chakraborty, features crowd favourites like Phuchka, Momos, Papri Chaat, Butter Popcorn, Ghugni Churmur Chaat, Jhalmuri, and Aloo Kabli. These delicious treats, which range in price from Rs 70 to Rs 150, are meant to heighten the suspense during the exciting final cricket match. Squre Off – Nawabi Paneer Tikka is on the Menu. Clean Bowled, Mutton Shami Kebab Googly Cheese Chicken Seekh Kebab, Gully Point, Dragon Roll Veg, and Kesari Anari Murg Tikka. Run Out: Crispy Fried Chicken Fingers With Salsa; Howzat Chicken Mushroom in Black


Pepper Sauce; and Third Umpire: Parica Fish Chunks with Mustard Mayo. These carefully chosen products, which range in price from Rs 220 to Rs 390, have names derived from cricket slang. However, guests and members will have access to all other regular multi-cuisine treats, such as Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes, as well as drinks. 

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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