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Proton Beam Therapy, a revolution in radiation oncology, brings a new ray of hope to cancer patients


News Desk, News Nation 360: With a mission to provide the most comprehensive and advanced cancer care in India, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), the first and only proton therapy centre in South Asia and the Middle East, has successfully treated a 21-year-old woman from Kolkata with proton beam therapy (PBT) for a different type of brain tumour and Navadiya Jemin Mansukhbhai, who was treated at APCC too. According to the latest available data from the National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP), the estimated incidence of cancer in West Bengal in 2020 was 1,16,900 cases. The estimated mortality from cancer in the state in the same year was 68,600 cases. In Kolkata, the NCRP estimated the incidence of cancer in the city to be 33,800 cases in 2020. According to the International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC), over 24,000 people die each year due to brain tumours. So far, the APCC has treated over 300 cases of brain tumours, 12 of which are from Kolkata. The major advantage of proton therapy treatment is that protons slowly deposit their energy as they travel towards the cancerous tumour and deposit most of the radiation dose directly in the tumour without damaging the body further thus maintaining healthy tissues and organs without any complications. Proton therapy has been shown to have excellent local control of various cancers located in some of the most difficult areas such as skull-base regions of the body which are otherwise difficult to treat. The latest breakthroughs in this technology including pencil beam scanning, highly precise image guidance and tremendous refinements in the machine set up have led to the adoption of this technology throughout the world in hospital settings in the last few years. Dr Sapna Nangia, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai, Harish Trivedi, CEO of Apollo proton cancer Centre, patient Medhasree Sanyal and patient Navadiya Jemin Mansukhbhai wear present at the press meeting which was held at Kolkata. Dr Sapna Nangia, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai stated that Proton beam therapy is a highly advanced form of radiation therapy that offers excellent precision and effectiveness in cancer treatment. The Apollo Proton Cancer Center is equipped with cutting-edge pencil beam scanning technology, enabling precise delivery of proton beams to the tumour while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This makes proton therapy particularly beneficial for tumours located in sensitive areas, such as the brain, skull base, head neck region or lungs, where traditional radiation therapy can cause significant harm to healthy tissue. Studies have shown that proton therapy provides excellent outcomes in curing or controlling various types of cancer while minimizing immediate and long-term side effects of treatment. Ultimately, proton therapy not only improves patients' chances of survival but also enhances their quality of life after treatment. Patient Medhasree Sanyal and patient Navadiya Jemin Mansukhbhai wear also shared their case history and thanks to the proton beam therapy which make their life normal.  

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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