Mondelez India Invests to Recycle Multi Layered Plastics

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Mondelez India, announced a grant to Hasiru Dala, an NGO that will recycle Multi-Layered Plastic (MLP) waste to create sustainable furniture boards for creating tables, benches and for other uses. The pilot project will use the technology purchased from start-up TrashCon, to convert ~600 tonnes of MLP waste per annum into ‘WoW Boards’. The project was facilitated by Ubuntoo, a global environment solutions company. As part of this initiative, MLP waste will be collected by Hasiru Dala’s wide network of waste collection units and then processed and converted at a special unit set up in Bangalore into recycled ‘WoW Boards’, which is a

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highly durable and efficient alternative to plywood. The technology solution, provided by TrashCon, a start-up waste recycling equipment manufacturer, will create highly durable WoW Boards that can be used for a variety of purposes – both industrial and consumer. The initiative through funding by Mondelez India and in partnership with its impact investing arm, Sustainable Futures, is expected to begin commercial production in July 2021. Deepak Iyer, President – India, Mondelēz International said that one of the key challenges in India, is recycling of multi layered plastics given infrastructure constraints. While on the one hand, they continue to work with the government to support collection, segregation and recycling,

they felt it was critical to experiment and support enterprising technologies and initiatives that can recycle multi layered plastics at scale to address the issues of waste management. This unique and one-of-a-kind pilot project recycles multi layered plastics to create WoW Boards that are highly durable and a sustainable plywood alterative for building, construction, furniture, and other end uses. They have made a grant to Hasiru Dala that will convert waste to wealth, generate employment and create a viable business model while addressing the challenges of MLP in a sustainable manner. The success of this project and its learnings will create a model for companies in India to replicate for MLP recycling at scale. They are very excited to pilot this initiative. 

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Report : Anustup Kundui