Randeep Hooda to take Discovery India’s message of Restart Responsibly to the masses

News Desk, News Nation 360: India’s most trusted and leading real-life entertainment network, has brought onboard wildlife enthusiast and actor Randeep Hooda to urge India to exit the lockdown in a responsible manner with a unique campaign titled Restart Responsibly. The campaign is Discovery’s humble appeal to the citizens of India to restart life, post the lockdown, due to pandemic, and subsequent unlocking, with a regard to the environment. The campaign video, which is being played across all Discovery Network channels, has Randeep taking daily routine, but important actions, including placing water for birds, riding a bicycle, taking care of his pet etc while enlightening citizens about the impact that human action has had on the environment. Actor Randeep Hooda told this campaign is close to his heart, as they are not asking people to take a pledge without any specific outcomes. The campaign aims to inspire people to take thoughtful steps, which can easily be added to their daily routines, in a more thoughtful way. Because, if everyone does small things right, then the overall impact on the environment will be huge. They all need to, and he can’t emphasize this enough, play their part to ensure that they create less pollution to ensure better quality air and water. An important observation they all need to make is that humans are not centre of the universe, they are all a part of it, along with all flora and fauna – If they all just respect this fact and get on with life, he is sure tomorrow will be better. Vednarayan Sirdeshpande, Head of Marketing –South Asia, Discovery, told Discovery is a powerful platform to tell critical stories, elevate cultural discourse and do the right thing. Through this campaign, they aim to bring the importance of individual behaviour in shaping their environment. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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