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Synersoft Technologies Secures Application Access for Enterprises with Blackbox AAA

News Desk, News Nation 360: Synersoft Technologies, a leading developer of pioneering cybersecurity solutions for SMEs, has designed its NextGen application safety solution Blackbox AAA for enterprises aiming to secure application access for a remote workforce. The Covid-19 pandemic has augmented the implementation of WFM which still continues in most organisations. Consequently, the post-pandemic world has witnessed a massive increase in cyberattacks with Ransomware taking centre stage. These Advanced Persistent Threats designed by hackers sit stealthily in computer systems till they extract information. Global companies and governments are tirelessly taking initiatives to prevent such deadly attacks. However, the rise in attack numbers seems inevitable. Estimates point out that the first half of 2022 witnessed 236.1 million Ransomware attacks. The country's MSME sector has been expanding at a steady pace with an increased focus on technology to run daily operations. Subsequently, data breaches have also increased leading to a massive rise in Ransomware spending. Presently, the average cost for companies hit with a Ransomware attack stands at $4.62 million. Blackbox AAA ensures adequate security of the data entrusted to the Cloud against the possibility of data loss and leakage. The company enforces strict policies to protect the data and applications on the Cloud. Hence, the need of the hour is proactive solutions that can ensure the safety of applications that are connected to the internet directly or through a VPN. The technology developed by Synersoft Technologies solely focuses on data preservation, data security, fraud mitigation, and software license cost minimization. The aim of the company has been to provide expertise to SMEs to implement better security solutions for their business. Majorly, companies use applications that project a Client-Server interface. This ensures seamless operability and scalability. Blackbox AAA adds an extra layer of protection to such applications as ERP Suites, Accounting Software, CRM, HRMS etc. to mitigate the threat of data leakage. S Vishal, CEO and Co-Founder stated that after the pandemic, it has become necessary for every enterprise to constantly work with the Research and Development team to develop innovative ideas to protect data and information. The BlackBox AAA application will immensely help enterprises and their remote workforce to protect the company’s data in a cost-effective way. It was developed keeping in mind the growing MSME sector of the country to protect its workforce from the increasing amount of cyber threats.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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