Titagarh Wagons Delivered Sagar Anveshika to National Institute of Ocean Technology

Titagarh Wagons Delivered the Research Vessel ahead of schedule

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Titagarh Wagons Limited (BSE: 532966|NSE: TWL), a flagship company of the Titagarh Group, has further reiterated its commitment towards the Government’s vision of Make in India, by successfully commissioning the second Research Vessel – SAGAR ANVESHIKA, post its grand launch in August 2019. With both the successful commissioning of SAGAR ANVESHIKA and SAGAR TARA, Titagarh Wagons has become probably the only private shipyard to build and deliver research vessels in India. SAGAR TARA, the first of the Coastal Research Vessels which was built for National Institute of Ocean Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India, was delivered to NIOT in August 2019. SAGAR ANVESHIKA was

launched four months ahead of schedule despite being a complex technologically advanced platform, which will enable scientists to conduct various oceanographic research missions aboard her. Both SAGAR ANVESHIKA and SAGAR TARA houses state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with modern scientific instruments. Dr M. A. Atmanand, Director National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), commented that Titagarh Wagons has again showcased their technical prowess in dealing with the complexity of manufacturing and commissioning before time yet another vessel for the advancement of ocean technology and research in India. With these two new vessels, SAGAR ANVESHIKA and SAGAR TARA, that NIOT will now proudly own, their research and exploration competencies will amplify further, benefiting the country and her citizens in multiple dimensions. It is praiseworthy for Titagarh that the first vessel Sagar Tara has been achieving low vibration and noise levels – critical for good performance of a Research Vessel. Both SAGAR ANVESHIKA 

and SAGAR TARA vessels are equipped with more than 40 scientific equipment in its onboard laboratories which will further the cause of scientific research in India to a large extent. They will probably be the most advanced and modern research vessels in India with such a large number of scientific instruments, in fact, it is rare to see such complex instruments all fitted on such small research vessels. Despite the challenges, Titagarh Wagons designers Sea-Tech from Singapore and the shipbuilders achieved this momentous feat. The vessel also features a Drop Keel which houses the various transducers of scientific analysis equipment such as Multibeam Echosounder, ADCP, Sub Bottom Profiler etc. It is important to note that the Drop Keel was designed and manufactured by TWL and for the very first time in India. The vessel is equipped

with a retractable Bow thruster along with its 2 nos. Main Engines and 3 nos. Diesel Generators which make it DP1 capable. The vessel has demonstrated very good sea keeping, stability and extremely low vibration levels during its various trials. These are all very important parameters to keep in check while building a Research Platform to ensure accuracy in readings of the various Scientific equipment fitted onboard. The vessel shall now be deployed on various Scientific expeditions by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and is capable of accommodating 20 people including 10 scientists on board for 15 days’ endurance. In February 2017, Titagarh had signed a contract from National Institute of Ocean Technology under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India for design, construction and delivery of two high-end coastal research vessels valued at INR 100 crore. These new ships are proposed to be utilized for shallow water operations [Surface Water Quality Monitoring (SWQM) Program, shallow water testing of various underwater components, Drugs from sea, Bathymetry survey of Exclusive Economic Zone [EEZ], Environmental indexing of ships and coastal zones etc.] along entire Indian coast for the various programmes of MoES and will be a National facility for ocean research. These ships are versatile ocean observing platforms equipped with advanced scientific equipment and mechanical handling equipment for the oceanic survey, observations and explorations. Dr D Rajasekhar, Project Director, VMC, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Dr M. A. Atmanand, Director NIOT, Saket Kandoi, senior Vice President Titagarh Wagons Limited at the commissioning of the second Research Vessel – SAGAR ANVESHIKA­­­ were present at the delivering moment.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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