SastaSundar Is Extending Its Wings in Association With Japanese Sportswear MNC Asics

News Desk, News Nation 360: A leading name in the space of Indian digital healthcare SastaSundar has announced its further entry into the domain of preventive wellness. The Indian organisation has associated itself with Asics, the Japan-based leading sports footwear & apparel MNC. Producing innovative sports products solutions and technologies, Asics works towards helping athletes and active consumers achieve their personal fitness goals. On critical analysis of its customer database, SastaSundar observed that 90% of its customers suffer from some form of chronic disease or the other. For such patients, preventive wellness in the form of the right diet, fitness, exercise regime, morning walks and yoga, etc. are more essential than medicines. And, health accessories like sports shoes & equipment lie at the heart of such wellness measures. BL Mittal, Founder & Executive Chairman of SastaSundar stated that for individuals suffering from chronic diseases and fitness enthusiasts alike, choosing the right sports & fitness accessories represent a critical step towards preventive wellness. Sports shoes are especially important because for any fitness regime, be it running, gym practice or playing, quality shoes ensure that one receives the optimal benefit from the exercise session. Moreover, good quality sports shoes are also recommended by healthcare experts to diabetic individuals. So in order to extend the efforts, SastaSundar took the decision to collaborate with Asics, Japan. These shoes can be ordered from there and will be delivered across the PAN India market. Furthermore, the facilities of attractive discounts and free home delivery have been added to add to the customer delight. 

Report : Anustup Kundu