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Immunity Boosting Products

News Desk, News Nation 360:, a digital platform of healthcare, has introduced a new range of immunity-boosting and pro-immunity products known under the category, SastaSundar Health Foods - Herbal Range, keeping in mind the importance of boosting one’s immunity more so under the prevailing scenario due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The immunity-boosting range of products includes Golden Milk Mixture priced at Rs. 89/-,  Steam Inhaler priced at Rs. 109/-,  Immunity Kadha priced at Rs. 199/-,  Giloy Powder priced at Rs. 169/-,  Ashwagandha Root Powder priced at Rs. 179/-,  Mulethi Powder priced at Rs. 199/-,  Organic Whole Black Pepper priced at Rs. 179/-,  Organic Turmeric & Black Pepper Powder priced at Rs. 129/-and Organic Clove priced at Rs. 289/-. B L Mittal,

Founder & Executive Chairman, told under the current circumstances, it is very important to work on building everybody's immunity to fight various viral infections. Hence, they wanted to introduce a range of immunity-boosting products for their customers as they feel that they are the need of the hour and ideal for people to adopt them in their daily regime. This range of products will have myriad health benefits for keeping themselves protected from. They are confident that their range of products will have immediate acceptance in the market. The brand is working towards adding on more products to this range in the coming months. Sastasundar Health Foods – Herbal Range is available on their as well as Amazon and BigBasket.  

Report : Anustup Kundu

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